Triple Lock Profit System Review : William Maynard’s Scam App Busted!

The Triple Lock Profit System is a very new binary options scam that within just a few days has already claimed hundreds of victims from across the world. We’re talking serious money here. Signing up to the Triple Lock Profit System requires a minimum $250 deposit – and many plunge in considerably more – but the unfortunate reality is that this is a total fraud. Nobody will make a dime from joining this apparently miraculous service, and instead, they will simply have their balance stolen by a bunch of untraceable ‘brokers’. As we shall see during this in-depth review, the crooks behind the Triple Lock Profit System will stoop to any level to convince well-meaning investors to trust them; and those who are lured into this trap will lose everything! Here’s all the proof anyone may need to explain why this is one of the nastiest scams we’ve uncovered in a while.


William Maynard Does Not Exist!

Those unfortunate enough to somehow find themselves on the Triple Lock Profit System website are introduced to Mr. Maynard who is supposedly the CEO of Maynard Financial Software LLC. Apparently, he is a big name on the Wall Street trading scene and has been educated in the art of successful trading by no less than George Soros. Being a philanthropist and all-around great guy, he’s now offering free membership to his trading platform that he promises will deliver a staggering $10000 minimum every day.

If this weren’t complete nonsense we’d be first in line to look forward to meeting William Maynard, the small issue being that there is no evidence he actually even exists! If the Triple Lock Profit System actually existed/worked as claimed, you can be sure that Wall Street would be abuzz marveling at this incredibly high earning software. Yet oddly enough, not only has this software not featured in a single reputable article across the financial media but try as we might, there is zero proof that Maynard exists. Mark our words – any close buddy of George Soros will be well known in the trading industry – but Maynard seems to be a total ghost.


So we looked up the details of Maynard Financial Software LLC. Unsurprisingly there is no such company registered anywhere in the world! Perplexed at how such a financial guru seemingly has left no paper trail whatsoever, it was the time to reverse image search the profile picture of the elusive Mr. Maynard. Regular readers ought not to be surprised that it turns out the picture is just a stock image and has been used on various other sites utterly unrelated to binary trading. This is conclusive proof that whoever really is running the Triple Lock Profit scam has just made the entire individual and company up! Hopefully, this alone would be enough to convince people not to deal with these crooks – but it gets even worse.

The Triple Lock Profit System Is Utter Nonsense!

According to the scammers, people cannot fail to make enormous profits every day by using this software. This is because not only does everyone receive $5000 just for testing the software, but it’s apparently so accurate users will make a guaranteed $5000-10000 a day on top of this crazy figure. All of which forces us to ask a few questions about the actual truth behind the Triple Lock Profit System.

First of all, and a surprisingly common error committed by many binary scams, how can any signals service deliver such crazy earnings when the markets are only open five days out of seven (not including public holidays)? There are forms of early trading practices which are preemptive over the weekend, but no mention of these are made anywhere across the Triple Lock Profit System presentation. Obviously, this has to imply that these projected earnings are complete lies, and the crooks have just plucked some ludicrously large number from the air to tempt people with no idea how binary trading works to invest in their scam.


Secondly, we’ve already demonstrated that Maynard is a construct of the scammer’s imaginations. A multi-millionaire philanthropist who is happy to give away software that – if it were real – would be worth billions? If there’s one thing successful traders all have in common, they understand the value of things. Nobody would give away such powerful trading software! Even if they had no intention of earning a profit, they’d likely start a charity of some kind rather than just help opportunistic traders enrich themselves for no effort.

Thirdly, we’re led to believe that this system has already created fifteen millionaires. Where is the proof? Using the same simple techniques that expose Maynard as being no more than a stock image, the exact same is the case for the supposedly delighted existing clients. None of the testimonials are real, and instead, they have just been written by the scammers using images ripped from the likes of Fiverr.

Beware The False Reviews & Propaganda

An increasingly common trend at present is the effort that scams such a the Triple Lock Profit System will stretch to in order to raise their profile. After all, why go to the effort of creating a fraud if nobody ever hears about it? There are already plenty of utterly fabricated 5-star reviews online that are helping to boost the SEO profile/exposure of this scam. Do not be fooled – they are hosted on paid-for review sites that spam email and social media to try and lure fresh victims.


What Really Happens If You Fall For This Scam

Rather than be duped by the fake online reviews, instead check out the masses of complaints already featured on legitimate trading sites/forums. There’s no shortage of people already up in arms at how their capital has been expropriated, and it isn’t just the mysterious ‘partner brokers’ running away with your funds. Plenty of dissatisfied customers has already reported numerous successful and unsuccessful attempts to defraud using their registration details. Never forget that these criminals are essentially untraceable, unregistered and totally without any moral standards. If they have an opportunity to rip you off, they will take it without a moment’s hesitation.


Triple Lock Profit System may be one of the freshest scams to emerge recently, but on the plus side, it is so blatantly a total fraud that hopefully not too much more people will be conned. After all, the very notion that every single trader stands to make a staggering 40 times return on their $250 every day should sound crazy to even totally inexperienced traders. Those who follow the industry will be aware that there are legitimate trading platforms out there that can make a quality return – but the notion of raking in over a million a year for zero effort is simply ludicrous.

So to sum up, there is absolutely zero value to be found within the Triple Lock Profit System. All that is certain is that unfortunately, those who take the plunge and try out this ‘service’ will most definitely lose everything. So don’t join the ranks of those who have already been cleared out by these crooks – just stay well away!

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