1* Turbine XO Review: Is Scam Or Not? Check Our Results!!

Turbine XO is the latest scam that has been designed by the scammers for taking away your hard earned money. This software supposedly lets you earn about $1,500 to $5,500 per day and has a success rate of 94%. Many people have become victims of this good for nothing software that has gone viral these days.

I have investigated the website of this software and have found many plot holes in the claims made by them and also about this software. So in this article, I will be providing all the pieces of evidence that will be exposing this software as a scam.

Turbine XO is Scam Or Legit System? Our Honest Review!!


But before providing you with all these evidences, let me provide you a brief description of what this software is about.

Insight into Turbine XO Software:

Turbine XO is an Automated Binary Options Trading Software. The software is said to be the most advanced auto trading software in the world and that it is powered by the Wall Street Traders. This software supposedly has a success rate of 94% and with this people are able to earn $1,500 to $5,500 per day. This software is introduced to us by Andrew Fisher, who is also the CEO of this software. He claims that he started this software in 2015 to crack the code of money making.


Actually, everything that has been mentioned by him is just lying. These are just loopholes that have been created by the scammers for taking away all your money. Down below are all the evidences that I have found after investigating this software.

Is Turbine XO a Scam?

This software has all the features of a scam and down below I have listed all the evidences that I have found after conducting my investigation.

  • Age of the Website: At the beginning of the video on the website the presenter claims that he has started this software in 2015. For checking the claim made by him, I have checked the age of the website on is and found that this software has been created on 17 June 2016. So how could he have done that?3-5
  • Fake Beta-Testers: One of the beta-tester that has appeared in the video claims that he was an inexperienced trader when he started and now he is making $25,000 per month. 23Actually, this person is not a beta-tester; he is a paid actor who has been hired from Fiverr.com at $5 for acting in this video. So this raises a big question about the credibility of this software.24

Another thing is that this so-called beta tester shows us a list of monthly payment received by him. If you look closely, then you will notice that the payments at the bottom have been received in the month of April and May. So here again the question arises about his credibility.

  • Suspicious Owner: The owner of the software i.e. Andrew Fischer is actually a fake person. I have done a Google search against his name, but I ended up with nothing. He might be a paid actor who has been hired by the scammers to dictate some scripted lines and for luring you into their trap.


  • Fake Live Member Activity: On the website, you will across a Live Member Activity list that keeps on changing every second and it may appear to you as trustworthy. I have disconnected my internet and then looked at this software again and found that this list still keeps on changing. So this is another big loophole for taking your money.27
  • No Proper Verification: No proper verification is done while registering on the website. I have provided a bogus name and a bogus email during the registration process, and I have been allowed access. So how can this software be trusted when it doesn’t even do a proper verification?28
  • Lack of Information: There is no live chat, no contact number, and not even a support team. In the Q&A they have provided an email address, but that too is a dead end. I have sent an email to that address, but there was no response from their side.29

Another noticeable thing in the Q&A is the 24 x 7 support; the scammers might not know about the fact that the binary options market is closed on weekends. So how can they provide support if the market itself is closed?

  • Fake Logos or Badges: On the website, you will come across some logos that have been provided for making this site look legitimate. But actually, these logos are a fake that has been carefully edited by the scammers to make people believe in them and invest money in the software.30
  • Investor Profits Graph: The circular graph that has been provided on the right side of the video show that some investors have earned an amount over $500,000. This software was created only four months ago, and between four months they have earned so much money. Is that even possible??31
  • Bogus Success Rate: The success rate of this software is 94%. There is no software available that can provide a success rate this high. 70 % – 80% success rate is quite acceptable but 94% is not. This also goes to prove that this software is not trustworthy at all.

So all these evidence indicate that this software is a scam.

Conclusion: Turbine XO is Scam! Stay Away!

Turbine XO is a scam, and I would suggest that you stay from this software as they have zero credibility. All the promises made by this software are just traps for taking away your money. I would recommend that you invest your money in software that will provide you with the profits that you deserve.

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