Wall Street Focus Group Review – Big Scam Group Exposed Out!!

Hey! Today I am going to talk about software which is a scam. Wall Street Focus Group is new scam software, which has been blacklisted in the binary options trading market. In fact, I would say this software is the worst one that I have ever come across. There are many businessmen, who are so much into binary options trading business since it has been trending these days. A binary option is the biggest trading market where they offer profits within a short period of time. This is the main reason why these scammers are trying taking advantage of this binary options and making a fool out of some innocent people.


Wall Street Focus Group is absolutely scam software. Yes, this software is scam, you’ve heard it right!! This software has been promoting just to appeal to the trading community, to be honest, this is just a waste of money and time to invest in this scam software. I know you must be wondering why this software is a scam? Well, all your worries will be solved you just need to read my review till the end, for more detail information.

Wall Street Focus Group Review: Cobra 5 Software is Scam!!

Wall Street Focus Group is automated software; it is claimed as an efficient binary options tool. Well, you must be wondering why this software is a scam? Well, by the look at the official website seems to be fraud software. Well, the first thing you see when you visit the website, they claim to make $381 to $796 a day. I would say this amount seems to be impossible to make such huge amount in a day. They have made all fake promises and claims which cannot be trusted; you must avoid them and beware of what they claim. There is nothing real in the video; their main intention is to grab all your money and run away. So, this without any doubt this software is a scam and cannot be trusted. There is more evidence about this software which I have collected during my investigation, and I will share with you all the details here today.

David Lombardi is just another Scam Artist!!

Well, without wasting any time let us gets straight with the narrator, who has represented the software in the video. Here, there are two presenters in the video, named as David Lombardi and Jimmy Ruso. Well, let us talk about David Lombardi, who claims to be behind other projects like Pokémon Go, Snickers and much more.


After hearing this, I was having some doubt about him, so I did some research about him and what I found out is he is nothing but just a con artist. There is no proof about him, on all the associated on any kind of companies which he has mentioned in the video. This is clear that he is nowhere to be found, which shows lots of proof about him that he is trusted at all.

Who is Jimmy Ruso?

Jimmy Ruso is the second presenter in the video who claimed to create some positive environment around this product. Here, the narrator claims as Nasdaq Market employee and top market analysis. But when I did some research about him, I cannot find anything about him in the Nasdaq.com or on Google. He seems to exist only on wallstreetfocusgroup.com only. This is clear that he is also cannot be trusted and whatever he says or claims is not reliable.


About the Algorithm: Invisible software!!!

Well, one more thing when you visit the website of Wall Street Focus Group, you will find they haven’t mentioned anything about the software in the video. The only thing is missing is their Algorithm. This shows that something fishy is going on, Algorithm is very important for any software in order to run the whole system, how they can forget to mention the algorithm. This is clear that not only the owner is fake even the software is fake. They cannot be trusted at all.

Guys, think about how you can invest all your money on this software when they haven’t mentioned anything about the software or how it works? Seriously, this is the worst software that I have come across. You must be aware of this scam software.

Fake Claims: Make $381 to $796 per day at home!! Really is it Possible!!

You must have noticed in the starting page of the website, where they claim to make $381 to $796 per day at home. Here, in the video, the presenter keeps on talking about the profits which they can make within a day by providing such huge amount in your trading account.


This is nothing but they are just trying to attract the people to join their software and also trying to show the software is legit and not a scam. But guys, I would say not to trust them since they all are scammers who have created this software just to lure the innocent people.

Fake Reviews and Testimonials: all are bogus nothing real at all!!

In the home page of the website, where they have showed some images and some reviews of the people. You might have noticed that those were the fake testimonials of the people talking about the software and how their lives have changed with the help of this software.


When I have done some investigation about this people, what I found out is that they are not real, and all the images are not real. In fact, they don’t exist in reality; they are a just stock image which has given by the scammers just to trap the innocent people and make them believe that this software is reliable. Do not trust this software guy; they are not trustworthy, even those reviews are not true at all, stay away from such kind of software

My Final Verdict: Wall Street Focus Group is Scam!!!

To conclude, I would like to say this software has been proved being a scam.  So, guys, if you are planning to invest all your hard earned money on this software. I would say you better be careful and do not fall for it. Their main motive is to steal all your money and disappear.

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