Wall Street Trading Software Review – Scam or Not? Truth Revealed

Wall Street Trading Software appears as a promising binary options trading system software and offers you the opportunity to lose your money by being a part of their scam. You read it correctly. It’s a scam system software that has entered the trading market a few while ago. Some of the online traders might receive invitation emails from them and some other might get influenced by their smart marketing tactics and become a target of this fraud system. Those who already get involved with Wall Street Trading Software, I personally have nothing to do but can only say that you need to be very cautious and for those who are still in a dilemma, is it scam or legit – I would like to tell you, first go through the Wall Street Trading Software Review and then you decide.

Wall Street Trading Software Review – Scam or Legit System?

Well, first of all, I would like to tell you, Wall Street Trading Software representation video is the one of the shortest and incomplete videos, I have ever seen. They try to keep it as short as possible without revealing anything about the software and how it works. Probably, the scammers behind the software don’t want to uncover their face or they have nothing to show people. It’s one of the new entrants in the binary options trading industry and started getting people fool through its attractive fake claims and offers.


Even the presentation video which you can find on the website – www.wallstreettradingsoftware.com  is performed in a pretty unprofessional way. Even the person showing on the video describing wall street trading software is a hired actor. It’s the very common tactics of scammers to hire actors from Fiverr.com for the presentation of the scam systems. And it’s a very cheap way to describe this.

Wall Street Trading Software – What is it actually?

The first and foremost word about Wall Street Trading Software is – it’s a scam. There is no doubt here anymore. However, they tell us it’s a binary options trading software which runs on autopilot. That means the software performs on automatic trading and through it, you can earn some good amounts of money, as they claimed. They also claimed that the software is able to make you earn a good number of money in every hour, but they left the main parts remain unanswered.

The scammers behind the system just tried to violate online traders in the name of famous Wall Street and telling people that, the system runs on the exactly same software used on Wall Street. But, they didn’t want to reveal the software details and that’s why you will found no information about it on the website. Even the owner’s name also hidden here.

What are the Software Claims?

Well, they claim a lot of high things which can’t be possible with Wall Street Trading Software. According to the video presentation, the system software can able to give you high and good quality binary trade signals through which you can make 100 US Dollars in an hour. That means you can earn $2400 in a day and $72,000 in a month. So, you will become a millionaire within a few days of joining in the system. That’s sounds too much good to be true.

Another claim made by them is the system has a good win rate. In an average, you can get over 75% of success rate in every trade. Well, that’s another lie.

They also said that the system will offer a great customer support service to its customers. Whenever they software fails or user face any problem, their support team will have there for 24 hours to help you. However, the real fact is there is no support team exists.

Members of the software system can able to switch between brokers at any time if they want. There will be many brokers options in the system. So, if someone feels uncomfortable with any broker, they can change it. However, the real fact is different. We will reveal it in the later part of this review.

Reasons Why Wall Street Trading Software is a Scam:

1. First of all, talking about the spoke person of this scam system. As said in the earlier part of the video. He is a paid actor. Actually, it’s one of the most common faces that you can see in almost all the popular scam related systems in the binary options trading. Basically, he is a Fiverr actor who charged only $50 to $75 for performing the presentation and it’s a very cheap rate, so that’s why scammers choose actors from Fiverr.


2. The second reason could be the lack of necessary important information. If you visit the website, you will understand it by yourself. No, that much information or data is there other than the short presentation video. No information regarding the owner of the binary options trading system. Lack of crucial information like how the system software works. Details of the trading platform and software. Nothing that much is there on Wall Street Trading Software system.

3.  The website has no feedbacks or testimonials from its users. Generally, we have seen that binary options trading software websites having to show a lot of testimonial videos where people talk about the system and they look much happy after investing on them. Even scam systems also hired some actors for recording fake testimonials. But, Wall Street Trading Software website has no people’s view or testimonials. Everything here is nothing but a suspicious activity.

4.  They will charge $300 from you as a minimum investment and offer you the opportunity of earning $100 in an hour with an average winning rate of 75%. Well, that’s simply not possible in a legitimate binary options trading systems. They are trying to attract people by offering that figures.

5. Another false claim is, the system do not have a wide range of available brokers as they said. There is only 1 or 2 brokers are available and they are also not the reliable ones. So,  it seems like not a single word or claim is true. And it clearly tells us that it is a Scam system.

Final Conclusion:

Wall Street Trading Software system is clear fraud as well as a filthy scam system. Do not put your leg into their trap, if you do you will simply lose all your deposit. So, do not ever thinking about making an investment with this scam system.  It is considered to be one of the cheapest scam systems available in the binary options trading.

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