Wealth Crew App Review: Latest Wealth Crew Scam Exposed!

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Wealth Crew App Review: Wealth Crew App is a recently trending scam software which is all set to fool people with all the unrealistic claims and the bogus video presentation. The software has nothing genuine to offer and shows all the scam tendencies which you need to avoid totally.

The website is not very convincing and the supposed fake owner Nathan Schmidt seems to be a fake name of a fake person all designed with the purpose to trick newcomers of the binary options trading business.

Wealth Crew App Review: Latest Wealth Crew Scam Exposed!


I request you to go through this article so as to learn about all the foolish things they are portraying about the software.

Wealth Crew Suspicious Website

From the look of the website, the Wealth Crew App looks like a low profile website which can never belong to a millionaire owner who earns around $4511 a day or even more.


This is a typical scam website with a fictitious promotional video and exaggerated claims and bogus details. There is nothing genuine about it and there is not even a proper contact detail so that members can make inquiries about the system.

Moreover, it displays some of the most foolish Facebook pictures as testimonials which probably have been collected from some third party people’s account and put to display.

Unauthentic Promotional Video

The Wealth Crew App just like a typical scam system has a promotional video on their website that makes some really unrealistic claims. Nathan Schmidt the owner and presenter of the Video say that nearly 13,542 traders are official members of this website. According to him, they make a maximum of $4000 per week.


Also, the monthly profits can reach up to $15,000 and this is a horrible lie which the presenter is trying to sell to new traders in the business. These are some of the very stereotypical claims every scam systems make.

Who is Nathan Schmidt?

Nathan Schmidt is the supposed owner of the Wealth Crew App and to be honest, I have no idea who this person is and have never heard about him in as per as the global financial market is concerned.

This person is a character developed by the scammers to trick new traders and there is nothing about this person in any social media or business site. This is a very unprofessional way of dealing with financial investment business for any kind of businessman and Nathan Schmidt is a complete hoax.


Is there any algorithm behind Wealth Crew App?

The Wealth Crew App is an auto trader which deals only with Forex trading. This is nothing but a one-click financial trading software which according to the presenter does not rely upon any accurate technology.

According to the video the software makes use of a new technology which analyses recent market trends. This ensures that traders are able to guess the right trade but in reality, this doesn’t actually work.


Moreover, there is no a clear explanation regarding how the software provides such an unbelievable high returns in such a short time. And it is doubtful how the software analyses the market information before making the prediction.

Whatever is shown in the video is purely fictitious and you are just left to wonder how the thing actually functions.

Other False Claims

The website displays pictures of some well-known businessmen who according to the scammers are praising the Wealth Crew App for being a unique new software who can copy their trade and bring high payouts.

This is just another fictitious account and it should be ignored at every cost. There is no information on the internet which claims that these people have actually said anything about the software. I doubt whether they care to know anything about such scam software.

Another false claim about the Wealth Crew app is that the developers have worked hard for two and a half year and gathered almost 13,000 members and made this product available for free finally.


This is not at all true as the Wealth Crew App was not actually available all these time and undoubtedly not two and a half years ago. This is because when I made an investigation about this software in the popular domain age checking website who.is I found that this was registered in 2016-08-05.

This proves that the software was not available before august and there was no such trial and error phase and obviously no 13,000 members. This is purely a way to scam people and steal their money.

Made up Testimonials

The testimonials given on the website are all fake and just random pictures which have been edited to represent this software. You just need to have a closer look at the testimonials to find out the truth.

Just consider the first picture featuring a woman named Jessie who is talking about her new Caddy in her status which was posted 2 hours ago. If you watch the status closely you will see that the status which was updated 2 hours ago have comments which were made 11 hours ago.


This is purely illogical because the time interval between the status and the comments doesn’t actually sync. This is just another proof that the whole testimonials section is a made up story and trusting these testimonials would only encourage these scammers to trick people more.

Verdict: Wealth Crew App is a Notorious Scam!

Wealth Crew App is just another big example of an online money looting system which is run by shameless scammers who only think of stealing people’s hard earned money.

There is nothing reliable in this software nor does it contain any proof of what they are trying to offer. The whole thing is suspicious and this only looks good from the surface but if you watch the website closely and listen to the video presentation carefully you will only find loopholes in the whole system.

Just make sure you avoid this system and ignore all the email invites or any personal recommendation from random people. This way you will not only save your hard earned money but also save yourself from getting trapped into their continuous cycle of online bullying because they will keep on asking you to invest more money in the hope that they will assist you into getting winning trades which will never happen.

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