WynnFinance Review – Is Scam or Legit System?

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WynnFinance Review: If you are just get started your day with hands on the Binary options trading platform, as a beginner you hardly could manage to taste some winning trade. Of course, every good thing needs a better knowledge and experience to make out the better outcome. Sam thing can be related to the Binary options trading. You might get tempted with its huge profits and opportunities to get rich in a short period of time. But, you should be aware as well that everything has a price.

While the binary options trading can get you big cash buckets, on the other hand, it can drop you down to the street as well. Your success and failure can be measured with various factors. To be counted these factors, your knowledge comes and power of prediction come at the first place. Secondly, the tool you are using in the trading field. And the third is your luck. Yes, even a best and most experienced traders can taste the trade losses if the bad time is around.

Is WynnFinance a Scam? Read Full Review!!

As a beginner, however, most of the people has to rely on the automated trading software or tools that must help them out in predicting the global market value of various assets. A good automated trading software can get you the best output of trading business, while a scam software will surely dump you on the streets. So, your future is in your hand while choosing an auto trader for your Binary options trading.

Unfortunately, out of 10 binary options automated trading options available in the market, about 8 are scams. So, you should be very careful while picking up one. Getting done the half of  your task, we have been reviewing various automated trading tools and brokerage services as best as we could. Today, our pick to review is the WynnnFinance automated Binary Options broker. Let’s dive into the review section of this tool and find out whether the tool is a scam or legit.

What is WynnFinance?

The WynnFinance is an automated binary options trading broker service like any other trading brokers we are familiar of. It does all the basic piece of stuff as other automated trading brokers do. To mention, it a new binary options broker that was introduced during the June of 2015. The operating company behind this brokerage service is the Waterfall Partners UK Ltd. The company is a well recognized and trusted firm that has been serving many traders around the world since years of successful business.

As I have mentioned that the company is a trusted one for years, don’t just yet close your eyes and day dream to earn profits trough this broker service. Being concerned precisely to everything about all kind of service is the key mantra to success in the binary options industry. So, it is time to figure out if the WynnFinance is a legit service or a big scam.

Basic Information of WynnFinance

Founded in: June 2015

Legal Authority: London, England

Operating Software: Panda Trading System

Max Bonus: 100%

Max Return: 85%

Min Deposit: $200

Min Investment: $5

Max Investment: $10,000

Available Currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, RUB, GBP

Countries: All nations

Mobile Compatibility: Yes


  • The system offers a ling list of withdrawal and deposit method.
  • The system ensures the return of investment on tradings as max as 85%
  • Wide range of trading account types and reliable features
  • Mobile trading app available for handy trading experience
  • Low amount of min investment
  • Simplest and user-friendly trading system interface
  • Huge variety of trading options

Cons: No free demo account is available for startup.

Is WynnFinance a Legit Service Or a Scam?

Let’s have a glance on the WynnFinance genuineness and innovation factor, what we can see is that the service has earned more enough than an average. It won’t be  wise to call it as the best brokerage service right at the moment as it is still under some improvement progress. However, they already have many things to offer to its clients with the simplest user interface that can be operated by every newbie. You don’t need to possess any special knowledge on trading nor you need to be an experienced trader to get used to this brokerage service.

Operating this platform is the easiest thing we have come across in the binary options trading platform. They also possess some realistic and useful features that make the tool pretty enough reliable and trustworthy. While dealing with the WynnnFinance brokerage service, we didn’t encounter any sort of scammy elements so far. So, we are pretty much confident that the software is a legitimate one.

WynnFinance Features and Tools for Trading

The operating system of WynnFinance trading platform is the Panda Trading System. They provide a huge range of tools and instruments to trading with their service system. The trading option they provide ranges from short term to the one-touch options with both the high and low-speed options. The return of investment can be counted up to 85% of max. Depending on the chosen options with high-speed terms like 30 or 60 secs, your percentage of payout can drop down to 65% at the least.

Beginners or newbies in the trading industry can make use of one unique feature that is called Copy trading. The features lets to the clients to monitor the trading history of expert traders and follow their tactics in trading industry to make sure the max profits from it. For the best user experienced, they even provide the world class service with the access in various popular languages such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Arabic.

Trading Bonuses

The bonuses offered by WynnFinance varies with the different types of trading accounts. It also depends on the trading level you are currently at. From the basic account, you can get a minimum of 25% bonus, and it can boost up to 80% further on. More decent bonuses can be counted as expert trading strategies, Weekly updates of Global market, Weekly signals, trade learning sessions and more depending on your trading level.

Account Types of WynnFinance

Depending on the weight of your wallet, you can start your binary options trading with various types of trading account in the WynnFinannce platform. There is total of five different account types you can start with. Namely, Basic account, Standard account, Silver account, Gold account, and Expert account. Each type of trading accounts offers different bonuses and requires different measures of deposit amounts.

Basic Account: Starts with $500 min investment

With the basic account, you will be provided the max of 25% free bonuses, weekly updates of the global market, and trading tutorial eBook. This primarily designed for the beginners who has a less knowledge of the Trading field.

Standard Account: Starts with $1,000 min investment

The Standard trading account comes with the max of 25% bonus, educational eBook, Weekly updates on the global market, academy membership, and a binary trading strategy. This type of account is for the experienced or confident traders.

Silver Account: Starts with $5,000 initial investment

If you are serious enough about the binary options trading, y0uo may consider this account type to start with. This account provides you up to 30% bonus, several webinars, one risk-free trade, one learning session, weekly trading signals, and market reviews in the daily basis.

Gold Account: Starts with $10,000 initial investment

If you are enough experienced with binary options trading, has won enough of trades in this field, and now looking forward to trying it at the higher level, the Gold trade account will be feeding your needs. It provides you a bonus up to 45%, updates about the daily market, daily trade signals, 3 numbers of  risk-free trades, three training sessions on trading, several live webinars, and dedicated analyst.

Expert Account: Needs an initial investment of $50,000

With the highest bonus amount of 80%, the Expert account provides you more features such as market reviews o daily basis, ten numbers  of risk-free trades, live academy VIP, Live and late webinars, binary option automated robot, daily trade signals, dedicated brokerage service, expedited withdrawals and MMS. This account is for the master traders around the world who has already made millions from this platform.

How to Open WynnFinance Broker Account?

Opening a WynnFinance account and starting your day with it can be easier than you ever thought. Below here is the step by step to do it seamlessly.

Step 1 – Visit the WynnFinance official site from your desktop browser.

Step 2 – Locate and click the “Open account  button located at the top right corner of their Homepage.

Step 3 – Select the account type that suits your business.

Step 4 – Deposit the minimum required amount to start your investment.

Step 5 – Now, start monitoring the signals and asset values for your binary options trading.

This is it, that’s how you can start your binary options trading business using the WynnFinance broker. The earn cash can be withdrawn using various available options. You can easily transfer the earned profits to your personal bank account, and further, make them cash.

Their customer supports also pretty much active to answer your all kind of queries anytime. Make a call on their toll-free number, or chat live or send an email to reach them if have anything to ask regarding their service and binary options trading industry.

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