0* The Zen Trader Review : 100% Scam Trading Software!!

The Zen Trader is the newly launched binary trading option robot software that has come up with so many promising features which don’t work in practical life. The software is launched on 26/09/2016, and so very soon the software is claiming itself as the most advanced and sophisticated software in the binary platform. However, in this post, I will bring before you some of the scam evidence and reveal the truth behind this The Zen Trader software.


If you are interested in trading and looking forward to best binary options to set a deal with, you can read this post to avoid scam software which is prevailing in the industry now. To identify scam software you need to have at least little idea of trading, for a newbie, it is absolutely difficult to make out which software really works. However, any genuine software is identified with its unique blend, talents, and skills of the website builder. So, if you are a newbie, I hope this post will be helpful for you in choosing the right binary options.

Is The Zen Trader a Scam Software?

Yes, Zen Trader binary options robot is a pure scam software that cannot give you any real time earning. You will be sure with the fact after you finish reading this post. The web page is very brilliantly developed to manipulate customers and making them believe that the software really works.bnmHowever, I have investigated on this software and found out it is such a bogus software which comes up with a corrupt mind to haunt people. In the following, I have mentioned some of the scam factors which indicate The Zen Trader is a scam.

Fake Earning of the Software

The Zen Trader is said to be founded and designed by the man named Mr. Stanley Nash, and it is stated by the man that his software has the accuracy for giving you profits up to $879.26 per hour. Don’t you think this amount is too huge and little extraordinary? Yeah, this is the same feelings that came in my mind when I first encounter with this statement on the official page.jklThe software debt ensures you to change your life entirely on joining the software, but it fails to explain how can you make such a huge profits in just an hour, which is questionable. So, this statement is a pure lie with no live in it.

No Information on Algorithm is found:

The website is filled with all unfaithful statements, but it doesn’t give any information about its working algorithm which is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. For the clearance for the newbie’s let me tell you that any binary trading software works based on three important things such as algorithm, best brokers, and market analysis. So, these are the things which make trading possible, but The Zen Trader software is not having any one of those, which is a clear indication of the software to be a scam.

93% Accuracy is Not Possible

The software ensures you 93% success guarantee in trading which can never be possible because no binary software can ensure such accuracy, even the genuine software. Let me tell you that any binary software can never keep winning all the time without even losing even once and there are always ups and downs in trading. So, this is just to attract the newbie who doesn’t know anything about trading.

Fake Testimonial Page

The software has fake testimonial which I found after navigating further in debt of the website. No person can become a millionaire in a single day, but in the official page of Zen Trader software, I found some suspicious testimonials. However, the worst thing I found is the man whose photo is attached to the testimonial page in actually a shutter stock photos which I found after making a research on the relevant pictures.zen

So, can you imagine the software who is promising you such huge money is stealing shutter stock photos for decorating his website? So, this is totally bogus which is found to be a scam and unreliable trading platform.

No Demo is found

It is the demo account which helps you to try the software and clarify every doubt that you have regarding the software, but The Zen Trader software is missing this key feature. Well, let me tell you why the software fails to provide this feature? It is because their real truth will be exposed before anyone could join the software. In the real sense, the software is not capable of giving you any profits with their suspicious website.

No Proper Customer Support

The official website is very poorly developed without any information about trading. However, The Zen Trader software is lacking the most important things, and that is the customer support. While you go for any kind of dealing with binary options, it is necessary to first have a conversation with the team members. Most of the customer support team are available either through live chat or email, whereas there is no such service provided on the website. So, this software is completely devoid of such things, which is a clear evidence of a scam.

Fake Trading Results

The website contains a fake trading history result where I found all the trades are successful, and not even a single trading was found to be lost. However, I couldn’t accept the fact that The Zen Trader software, that doesn’t even have a proper algorithm, can generate such success rate.nmThis is a clear indication that Zen Trader software is a scam and this page is a created art of scammers.

Fake Logos on Website:

The logos in the official website looks absolutely decorative which doesn’t make any sense, this kind of logos can be easily created to manipulate people.hytrHowever, the web builder tries to show that this software is legit in nature by mentioning these kinds of logos.

Conclusion: 100% Scam Software!!

In the final verdict, I hope that you are now aware of the scam factors of The Zen Trader software. Thus, I recommend you not to trade with the licensed software which can give you real time earning instead of setting a deal with Zen Trader.

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