Is ZoomTrader a Scam? Important Review by Shane!

Binary trading has become the top choice for traders from all around the world. The evolution of binary trading has led to the introduction of various online traders throughout the globe. For traders, there is nothing easier and simpler than binary trading, due to its growing popularity; a number of companies are trying to establish themselves in this industry.

ZoomTrader Review: Is Scam Or Honest System? Find Out!

In this regard, we are going to do a full review of a binary trading site. Zoomtrader.

ZoomTrader – Things you need to know!

The Zoomtrader binary trading site was launched back in 2012, presently, Novo Capital owns the company, and their main headquarter is located in Cyprus. The site has become quite popular among traders living in the European countries. CySEC, a world renown-regulating agency, regulates Zoomtrader.

The site offers a professional trading platform and various features. A user can expect bonus return up to 80 %. The minimum investment is $ 10, whereas, the maximum investment amount is $ 4000. As far as assets are concerned, a user can choose from around 80 assets. To get an account, a person needs to deposit $ 200.

Zoomtrader also offers some rare features, “Close now” & “Extend now” , if a user senses that his chosen asset will go down by the end of the expiry time, then he can use the “Close now” feature to stop the trade, and earn some profit before losing it all. Whereas, using the “Extend Now” a user can extend the expiry time if he thinks the asset price will go higher in the next time period.

The company also offers the mobile application for Android & iOS users, so you don’t need to sit in front of your laptop or computer all the time instead, you can do the trading on your smartphones on the go.

Trading Options

Like all leading trading sites, Zoomtrader offers various trading options.

  • High/Low trading option
  • One Touch trading option
  • Turbo trading option
  • High/Low trading option

Assets offered by Zoomtrader:

Zoomtrader offers around 80 assets to be traded from, the company mainly offers four types of assets.

Indices: When it comes to indices, a user can choose from 11 indices, the lists contains NASDAQ, FTSE, S & P, Dax, etc, are few of the names.

Commodities:Zoomtrader offers around only 6 commodities, a user can choose from Coffer, Crude Oil, Sugar, Gold, Silver, and Copper, but comparing to other leading sites, the options are very limited.

Stocks: Zoomtrader offers more than 20 stocks. Apple, Google, Baidu, Vodafone, Nike, Renault, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, HSBC are some of the few names.

Currencies: Zoomtrader offers a decent number of currencies pair for trading. Currencies pair includes EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, USD/JPY, etc are the names of the some of the currency pairs.

Account Types

Like most of the leading binary traders, Zoomtrader also offers different types of account for users. The account types offered by mentioned below:

Mini Account:The mini account can be regarded as the most basic account offered by Zoomtrader, for getting an account; a user needs to deposit an amount of $ 100. This account is ideal for those who wants to know about the trading platform or test out their services and features.

Bronze Account: Next is the bronze account, this account for those who wants to get started with the binary trading platform. For getting this account, a user needs to deposit an amount is $ 250, users of this account are also given free tutorial videos and eBooks, to gain some more knowledge about binary trading.

Silver Account: Once you gain a bit knowledge about binary trading then you should get the Silver account. For getting a Silver account, a user needs to deposit an amount $ 500. Silver account users are given privileges like getting market reviews, introduction to webinars, and the account holders are also offered 2 risk-free trades and strategies.

Gold Account: If you are a person, who is having a good experience in this field, then you should get started with the gold account, the amount you need to deposit is $ 1000. Gold account users are given various features like a personal account manager, 3 risk-free trades, same day withdrawals.

Platinum Account: The Platinum account is the most premium account offered by Zoomtrader, users of platinum account are provided with all the facilities provided by Zoomtrader binary site. For getting this account the amount required is $ 20,000.

A great thing about Zoomtrader is that no matter what account a user may use, they can easily get pay out about 80 %.

Customer Service

Customer support provided by Zoomtrader is one of the best you’ll find in the market. Other than English, they also provide support in 11 major languages like Chinese, Russian, Koren, German, Arabic, French, etc.

For getting in touch with the customer support team a user can use live chat, phone numbers, email & Online contact support.

Zoomtrader also provides call back feature, so if a person fails to get in touch with the customer team, the customer team will eventually that person  back.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Zoomtrader offers a simple and easy way to deposit money; a user can deposit money using Credit or Debit cards, or using wire transfer or any other online transaction sites.

The withdrawal process is also quite simple, depending on the account types, the withdrawals are processed, for example, withdrawal are processed within the same day, when being requested by users of the Gold or Platinum account. The company also does not impose any kind of extra fees on withdrawals.

Pros and Cons of Zoomtrader:


  • Zoomtrader offers a mobile application for iOS and Android users.
  • Provides excellent customer support.
  • Unique features like “Close now” & “Extend now” helps traders in earning some profit even when a user makes a wrong decision.
  • Great learning tools like eBook, video tutorial & webinars are provided to users.


  • Like most of the leading online traders, Zoomtrader also doesn’t accept users from the USA.
  • The options available in Commodities are very limited.
  • Comparing to other leading sites, the maximum amount that can be invested is very low.

Conclusion: ZoomTrader Review!

Zoomtrader is one of the best online traders available in the market at present. They provide a professional platform, which is user-friendly. A beginner or a master can start trading with this site, they also offer returns up to 80 %. Users can also enjoy trading on their Android or iOS powered smartphones.

The customer support provided by is impressive; a user can contact them 24×7. The online brokers also provide some unique and helpful features; which is a bliss for users. However, the site also has some flaws. The amount of maximum investment is quite low if you compare with other trading sites. They also don’t accept users from the US. Overall, Zoomtrader is one of the best trading platforms for getting started with binary options trading.

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